Serving South Lane County Since 1974

MLK Holiday Week: We are on schedule.

Roll Carts


35, 65 & 95 gallon size


Must be curbside or on the main paved road by 7:00 am.

Place cart 5 feet away from all objects including other carts and recycle bins.


No large appliances, TVs, computer monitors or CPUs, furniture, mattresses, tires, hazardous materials, liquids, rocks, concrete, dirt or sod.

Do not compact contents.


Bag all loose material including grass clipping, cat litter & animal waste. 

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Recycling Yes

Commingle this​ ...

Cardboard Boxes & Newspaper

Magazines & Catalogs

Phone Books

Paper Egg Cartons

Paper Bags

Tins Cans

Aluminum Foil & Cans

Set Next to your Bin ...

Glass: food & beverage glass only. No lids, caps or corks.

Used Engine Oil: must be placed in the original plastic container no larger than 5 quarts.


All recycling must be clean.

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Must be accessible by 5:00 am on your day of service.


Minimum service level is one pick up per week.


No large appliances, hot water heaters,  TVs, computer monitors, computers, furniture, mattresses, tires, hazardous materials, liquids, rocks, concrete, dirt or sod can be placed in a container.


Do not compact contents.


Please call for available sizes.

Recycling No

Throw this away ...

Drink Cups​

Food to go containers


Paper towels


Shredded paper


Waxed coated cardboard

Aseptic container

Milk cartons

Frozen food containers

Styrofoam materials

Packing materials

Plastic bags 

Lids and caps

All plastic materials


Roll-0ff Box







For large volume solid waste disposal, 12, 15, 20 and 30 yard roll-off boxes are available.


No large appliances, hot water heaters, TVs, computer monitors, computers, furniture, mattresses, tires, hazardous materials or liquids can be placed in the roll-off box. 

Loads must be level with top of box. Do not heap

Please call for available sizes.


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