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What recyclable materials are collected at the curbside?

Flattened Cardboard , newspaper, magazines, catalogs, paper egg cartons, brown paper bags, tin & aluminum cans (rinsed clean) and clean aluminum foil (balled up)  can be commingled together in the green bin.

Food and beverage container glass rinsed clean with no lids, caps or corks can be set on ground next to green bin.

What recyclable materials are not collected at the curbside?

Pizza boxes, coffee, soda and other drink cups, food-to-go containers, napkins, paper towels, tissues, shredded paper, diapers, waxed coated cardboard, aseptic containers, milk & juice cartons, frozen food containers & frozen food packaging, styrofoam materials, other packing materials & all types of plastic materials. Used engine oil - can be recycled at Lane County transfer station on Sears Road in Cottage Grove.

Does the recyclable material have to be clean?



All material must be clean.


Soiled material is contamination. 

Is recycling available at my business?


We accept the same material from your business that we collect from residential curbsides.

If you produce more that 1 cubic yard of flattened cardboard per week, we can provide a large container.

If you produce more than 65 gallons of commingled material per week, we can provide a roll cart.

If you produce glass, we can provide you with one or more green bins.

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